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"Outdoor/Sporting artist, Beth Carlson, not only knows her dogs, horses and wildlife, but most important, she melds them seamlessly into proper and attractive settings.  I also like the breadth of her picture ideas-she can effortlessly go from an Irish farm scene wtih horses and cattle to a retriever in a shore picture.  She has a great feeling for the out of doors no matter where she is."  

All of (Beth's) works show a quiet beauty"

Robert K. Abbett
sporting artist and author

"...especially those of Beth Carlson, herself, who can paint quail and dogs about as well as the good Lord can make them." 

Charles W. Waring, III
Publisher, Charleston Mercury

Beth Carlson in her studio

613 Foster Point Road
Bath, Maine 04530

Home  |  Paintings  | Giclée Prints  |  Contact the Artist  |  About Beth Carlson
 E-mail Newsletter  |  Galleries  |  Commission of Your Own Pet  |  Links

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