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The Journey to your Painting . . .

"The Texas Dogs" 16" x 20"

Photography credit: Red Leash Photos/Lauren Blackwell

The photos above were used as references for the painting "The Texas Dogs" at the top of this page. I encourage you to send multiple photographs if I cannot get to your location.

Your painting will be an interactive process. I want to learn as much as I can about your pet, hear your stories and see your photographs. If possible, I would prefer to use my own photographs.

The composition of the painting is a very personal decision on your part. The background can be as meaningful as the pet(s) portrait. Maybe a favorite place of yours, a camp up-country or a favorite park.

Once we both agree to what would look best, I can start the painting process. A fifty percent deposit is required. Once the painting is completed, I will send/email a photograph of the finished painting for your approval.


Feel free to contact me with any further questions at bethcarlson2@yahoo.com


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